Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Shout Heard 'Round the World

I'm sure you all know about the infamous "Goofy Holler", right? You know, the one that goes: "Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!" Well, I happen to come across a blog entry that compiles almost all of the Disney cartoons and movies that use the holler including the one that started it all, 1941's "The Art of Skiing". You'll find it here. There are some the author, Michael J. Ruocco, admits he forgot to mention, but I forgive him: I don't know all the clips that use the "Goofy Holler" myself. But I do know a few that are missing. The ones I remember that weren't mentioned are as follows:

1. There was another in 1949's "Goofy Gymnastics" that Mr. Ruocco somehow missed: The original version of the holler as heard in "The Art of Skiing" is used as Goofy is flung through the roof from the rings on his ceiling and falls back down.

2. Another cartoon that uses the holler from "The Art of Skiing" is 1983's "Mickey's Christmas Carol" as Goofy, portraying the ghost of Jacob Marley, falls down the stairs.

3. In the main title of "A Goofy Movie", the holler from "The Art of Skiing" helps illustrate the word "Goofy" falling and landing in between "A" and "Movie".

4. In Goofy's newest cartoon, "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater", the classic holler is used as Goofy is flung out of his house as a result of him pushing the red button on his universal remote to turn on his home theater system. Although I wonder why they didn't have Bill Farmer record the holler, hearing the original holler is a nice homage, wouldn't you agree?

Most of the hollers from this point on have been newly recorded by Bill Farmer, the current voice of Goofy. For instance:

5, 6, & 7.There's a newly recorded version in "A Goofy Movie" where Goofy and his son, Max, ride the roller coaster at an amusement park. (Goofy gets sick after that. LOL) Another newly recorded version is heard near the end right after the car explodes and sends Goofy flying, falling though the roof of Roxanne's front porch. We're not done with "A Goofy Movie" yet: the holler is heard at the end of the end credits just before they show the "Walt Disney Pictures" castle again.

8. In "Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers", Goofy lets out the holler as he falls from the crumbling stone bridge in chains. (Goofy's in the chains, not the bridge.)

9 & 10. Remember when I mentioned the short from "Disney's House of Mouse", "How to Be a Rock Star", in my post devoted to Goofy's musical talent? In the cartoon, Goofy tries to get discovered by an executive of a record company by swinging on a rope outside the window. Suddenly, the rope breaks and, yep, you guessed it, Goofy falls. Cue holler. But the hilarity doesn't stop there: The exec. heard the holler and signs Goofy up right away. And the Goof's first single? Why, a song featuring his holler, of course! (LOL)

11 & 12. In the "Mickey Mouse Works" cartoon "How to Be a Waiter" (or is it "How to Be a Movie Star"?), Goofy practices his lasso skills while filming a scene from a western movie and flies off as he lassos with his hand and feet. He soon gets tangled up in the rope and lets out the holler, and repeatedly, I might add, as the rope pulls him up and down like a yo-yo. In that same cartoon, during the Sci-Fi scene, Goofy lets out the holler after being flung into deep space.

13, 14, & 15. In the "Once Upon a Christmas" segment "Have Yourself a Very Goofy Christmas", the holler doesn't take a holiday. Goofy lets it out when he swings from the torn banner into the Lumberjack Lingerie store. He shouts out again as he is catapulted from the Christmas tree out through the roof of the mall. Later on, after Pete covers Goofy's house with snow, Goofy looks for the chimney and unwittingly falls down the hidden chimney, letting out the holler once more.

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, & 22. There are many times the holler is used in the Playhouse Disney series "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" like in the episode "Goofy's Bird" as Goofy imagines jumping off the cliff using a pogo stick (but falling), in "Mickey's Handy Helpers" where Goofy is flung from one of the springs of the Handy Dandy Machine which makes the Handy Helpers work, and in "Mickey's Big Band Concert" as Goofy is flown out of his trombone horn via a bicycle pump. There was one episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" that used the "Goofy Holler" quite a bit. In "Goofy in Training", Mickey greets us, but gets interrupted by the holler and goes and finds Goofy hanging on a branch of a tree. The second holler occurs when Goofy loses control as he practices skiing by using roller skates. The third is when he skis for real off the ski jump at the end of the ski slope. The final holler in this episode happens as Goofy falls off the cookies he climbed over in Willie the Giant's picnic.

Goofy's not the only one who does the holler. Here are some recent examples of other characters letting it out:

Following the scene where Goofy falls from the bridge in "Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers", Clarabelle Cow (voiced by April Winchell) does her own version of the holler ("Moo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!") as she jumps down to save him.

24. Goofy's son, Max (voiced by Jason Marsden), actually quotes his dad on the holler when he's taken on a joyride by a car with a mind of its own in the "House of Mouse" episode "Max's New Car". Like father, like son. ("I wish you wouldn't say that.")

25. The more recent use of the "Goofy Holler" can be found in the movie "Enchanted" as the troll is flung from the tree after Giselle and Pip jump off the same branch as the troll which prompts the troll (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) to do the holler.

There are a few more uses of the "Goofy Holler" in the "Mickey Mouse Works" cartoons and in some episodes of "House of Mouse", but I don't know which ones. Nevertheless, the "Goofy Holler" will remain, in cartoon history, as the most used vocal effect when falling down. ...and down and down. Yah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey!

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