Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Decemberween! ...finally!

After waiting half a year, Homestar Runner's website has finally updated! For reals this time and not just for the online store. If you've been following the site as I have, you'll notice there's a new 'toon up, just in time for Decemberween (Free Country USA's version of Christmas)! On top of that Telltale Games released "Poker Night at the Inventory" earlier last month which, as you know, features Strong Bad as one of the card sharks you'll be playing against. (I mentioned the game on my Labor Day post here.)

While on the subject of Holiday cheer, check out the December Fan Favorite 'toon on "Santa Sceb is Coming to Town"! I'm not the only one who voted for this 'toon and it still shines as bright as a star on top of a Christmas tree. (You'll see my name, Marci Cameron, and comment on the page. Bonus props to JKR for including that.) In this 'toon, Sceb (short for Space Chicken's Evil Brother) attempts to cage St. Nick himself so that he can give Sceb what he wants: A red and black DS lite, a new PC, world domination (of course), and a "My Little Pony" playset, which seems too sugary sweet for Sceb and he tries to hide that by claiming that Pip (the sickly blue space chicken) wanted that. Will Sceb succeed in his plan to capture the jolly old elf? See for yourself and find out.

I've been busy with Halloween and Thanksgiving to post up to now, I have a real life, too, you know. I'll also be plenty busy with Christmas coming up, so, there may not be many posts on this blog after this one, just to give you a heads up. So, in case I don't post any more this year, I wish all of you who read this blog (if anyone is reading this): Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!