Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paper Faces on Parade at Disney

Since its opening, Tokyo DisneySea never celebrated Halloween like Tokyo Disneyland did. ...until now. This year, TDS is holding a park-wide Halloween celebration with masquerades as its theme.

Mickey and Minnie are already getting into the spirit. (No pun intended.)

For starters, they've got an elaborate stage show in front of the Tower of Terror called "Mysterious Masquerade". I've seen videos of it posted this past week on YouTube already through a search of "Mysterious Masquerade" and I don't even have to know Japanese to know what's going on. It got me thinking about wanting to bring it to the states with a slight variation: Stitch (yes, the Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch") and Angel take the place of Donald and Daisy, Timon (of "The Lion King") would fill in for both Chip and Dale, Tigger (one of Winnie the Pooh's friends) would be the one hypnotized into being the pirate captain instead of Goofy so that the Goof could be the hero in Mickey's place, and Tinker Bell would be the hostess and after a failed attempt to save Stitch, Angel, Tigger, and Timon with Pixie Dust, Tink would become the Egyptian Queen instead of Minnie. The songs are already in English, so, all that remains is adding English dialogue since not everyone in the U.S. speaks Japanese, myself included.

Another fun Halloween show at TDS is the "MOUSEquerade", a greeting show where "Meet & Smile" is usually held. It's a fun little show that, again, you don't need to know Japanese to enjoy it. I've only seen these on YouTube and I'm sure there's more to TDS's Halloween event. Just go to this post on the Blue Sky Disney blog for more info. For now, I'll keep watching the YouTube vids. As Tigger would say: "TTFN! Ta-ta for now!"