Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First Blogiversary

Today marks the day when one year ago, I started this blog. Check out my first entry here. One year later and still not many comments. Come on, guys! Get with it! Share your opinions with me! Choose one of my post and leave a comment already! Oh, well. Even with the drought of comments, I still have plenty of stuff I'm thinking of blogging about in the near future. Hopefully then, I can get more comments on here. Keep in mind though, I won't post often as I'm just flat-out lazy, but that doesn't mean I won't surf the web for flickr pics and YouTube videos. ...mostly for Disney stuff, like Goofy (the cartoon character, not the verb). And Sailor Moon. I've redeveloped a passion for Sailor Moon recently. About three years ago I started watching the Sailor Moon musicals in Japan (known by fans as Sera Myu) on YouTube, thanks to Curiosayh and sailorwarsupreme. But I'll ramble about that in a future post. For now, leave a comment. On any of my posts. Sometime this decade would be nice. Please?