Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Cool for Five Years

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Cool Tapes, a band formed by Marzipan, Strong Mad, and The Cheat. In honor of the occasion, I posted a new fanfic on Check it out here. So, let's all raise our bags of four grapes (if you have any, I sure don't) and toast the Cool Tapes' five years of non-breaking up! See the 'toon where the Cool Tapes got their start here.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Monkey Helps Me Cope

While waiting for updates to the Homestar Runner website, I figured I might as well watch the cartoons on another website: Created by JKR (yeah, that's his name), this site has fun cartoons featuring Fred the Monkey (of course), Space Chicken (mostly known as S.C.), and Sceb (short for Space Chicken's Evil Brother), among others. I even watch the mailbags which has Sceb answering E-Mails from viewers (usually against his will). It resembles sbemails (Strong Bad Emails), but unlike Strong Bad, Sceb talks directly to the viewers instead of typing a response. And some of the cartoons feature music videos by and starring JKR revolving around video games. The most recent one is about E3 2010. But this site also has comics. Those are funny, too. Although the cartoons aren't updated on that site either, JKR does have a blog there that is updated as a way of letting us know he's still around. So, give a look-see for yourself. At least until Homestar Runner's website is updated. ...eventually.

Belated Birthday Greetings

Man! Have I been neglecting toons' birthdays or what? It's not that I forgot their b-days, it's just that I never bothered to post them on the blog here. So, to make up for it, I'm listing all the birthdays I missed these past couple of months.

June 9, 2010: Donald Duck turns 76 this day. Not as big as his 75th last year, but Disney didn't make that big a deal about it then either. Sorry I took so long to mention it, Donald, but please, don't be too angry with me about it. ...again. (See my posts on his 74th and 75th.)

June 23, 2010: Sonic the Hedgehog keeps running in his 19th year in existence. I neglected his birthday last year, but this year, I'm really a heal with Sega of America's contest in honor of Sonic's 19th b-day which offered a trip to Sega of Japan as the grand prize. Needless to say that Needlemouse: the Musical (courtesy of FierceDeityYS) won for the U.S. while Blue Sky Dreams (courtesy of Purplespikeyjoe) got the grand prize on the U.K. side of the world. I wouldv'e entered, but didn't because 1. I don't have a YouTube account and 2. even if I did, I missed the deadline to enter. I did like Needlemouse: the Musical though. I even downloaded the mp3 provided in the vid's description. Congrats, guys! You deserve it. (See my post on Sonic's 17th birthday here.)

July 27, 2010: Bugs Bunny reaches the big 7-0 on this day. However, I spent the day celebrating my mom's birthday since she shares the day with Bugs although she was born years later. That, and it's kinda hard to celebrate the wabbit's milestone knowing that soon, Cartoon Network would be showing this. (Courtesy of Cartoon Brew.) Man! That pic is hard to digest. And don't get me started on that promo vid. (Another link from Cartoon Brew.) Yikes! Hearing Daffy's voice makes me upset that Joe Alaskey isn't doing the voice for this series. And seeing what the characters look like in motion... Forget it! I prefer my Looney Tunes looking classic like they did in the late 90's-early 2000's, thank you very much. (See my posts on Bugs' 68th birthday and belated 69th.)

That's pretty much all the birthdays I forgot to post. Mostly because I'm lazy. Sorry 'bout that. Hope I can be able to overcome my laziness and post the birthdays for next year as they come up.