Monday, April 7, 2008

"A Goofy Movie": Thirteenth Anniversary

On this day in 1995, Goofy's first full-length solo movie premiered in theaters. It was titled, appropriately enough, "A Goofy Movie". This movie also features and revolves around Goofy's son, Max. Although he made his debut in "Goof Troop" in 1992, it was this movie that made me love Max as much as his dad, Goofy.
The reason remember this date is because I happen to see it as I changed the day on my Disney daily calender that I got for Christmas last year. Even so, I honestly liked this movie a lot ever since I first watched it at my cousins' house in Minnesota about a decade ago. This is a fun movie, not only introducing us to Max's love interest, Roxanne, but showing us the bond between father and son.

I like how the movie shows just how much Max truly loves Roxanne, even going so far as to lie to her to keep her from seeing someone else. And when he tells the truth by movie's end, not only is she very understanding, but she also explains she liked him all along from the moment he first "Ahyucked".

However, it's Goofy and Max's relationship that really makes this movie truly memorable. Best proof of this can be found in their duet, "Nobody Else But You". Truly heartwarming.

I think this movie is definitely worth the watch. And I'm not just talking about the songs, either, although this site is called "Toons 'n' Tunes" and they are fun songs, too. You can find this on DVD as part of Disney's defunct "Gold Collection", but it's in fullscreen, so, until they re-release it the widescreen format, we'll have to settle for the fullscreen version for now. As for the soundtrack, which features the songs and score from the film, it's out of print, but you can get it at or find MP3s of the songs online somewhere. Even so, Goofy's first solo movie is the best yet.
UPDATE 11/01/10: I may have missed the fifteenth anniversary of the movie, but someone else didn't. Animation World Network did a great article about a live action version of the song "After Today" from "A Goofy Movie". Check it out here through YouTube. (As directed by Ted Sowards.) This version also has its own website. Take a look for yourself.

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